With social and online listening, brands can uncover business-critical intelligence.

What is digital listening?

It is the technique of listening in on public online conversations to gain valuable information about your brand, sector, competitors, or any other subject of interest to your company.

Our listening tool gives you realtime access to brand mentions on social media, blogs, news, videos, forums, and reviews, among other channels.
Information is gathered from all online news and blog websites by our solution. We detect the news as soon as it is released in order to keep you informed. We also track the AVE of major news sources.
Keep track of audience perception as it relates to certain topics to remain on top of industry trends.


Sentiment & Emotion

Improve brand image by exploring customer feelings and feedback on specific topics, products, offerings and more.

Influencer Identification

To identify brand champions, identify influencers and industry thought experts based on post engagement and impact.

Competitor Comparison

To explore potentials, identify industry gaps, measure share of customers, and determine customer views about competition.

Customer Review

Track customer discussions about your brand to learn more about their opinions and acquire insight into their experiences.

Audience Analysis

To boost your marketing strategy, learn more about your audience's preferences.

Campaign Analysis

Quickly monitor audience reactions to marketing efforts and generate concise reports to track progress.

Channels we support

and many more ...